Fan Dongwang Art Workshops

Meditation and relaxation through learning brush techniques and art appreciation with Dr Fan Dongwang’ art workshops that offer insights into the essence of Chinese art and aesthetics. Students will learn and master the basics of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, using simple but expressive brush strokes to create meaningful Chinese characters and beautiful Chinese paintings of flowers on rice paper. This elegant brush writing technique is taught in a way that is easy to understand, yet meditative, enjoyable and relaxing. Learning to practice Chinese painting and calligraphy is an excellent way to reduce stress, increase happiness and improve wellbeing. Everyone is welcome and you don't need any prior knowledge.

Fan Dongwang Art Workshops and Demonstrations in 2019-2020: Wollongong Art Gallery, Peacock Gallery Sydney, Da Long Yi Restaurant, Chinatown, Sydney, Wollongong University, Macquarie University, Art Atrium Gallery Sydney, Newcastle Art School TAFE NSW, 541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney, and University of Sydney.

Testimonies for workshop

 “Thank you for a lovely and educational evening Dongwang and for sharing your insights. The whole experience was so different to my knowledge of western calligraphy and understanding of use and reading of the language of a brush. Generally a really good and worthwhile event although time was limited. Consider doing over two x two hour events... The bouncing/vibrating the brush was really key/most helpful. Overall it was excellent as I said. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.” -Guy

 “Hi Dongwang , the lesson was very informative and I gained insight into the Chinese art of calligraphy . I certainly found the challenge of new skills exciting and would not want it to be too easy. Your class was structured well and informal, inviting and your expertise apparent. Thank you.” -Susan

 “Thanks to Mr. Fan's master class because it has opened up a new dimension to my calligraphy. I've been continuing practicing orchid painting over the weekend and have absolutely fallen in love with the traditional Chinese brush painting…I felt like a whole new world was unlocked in front of me when attending Mr Fan’s class last weekend. It was magical.” -Cheryl

 “We had a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon experiencing art, in other word, experiencing life.” -Patrick

Wollongong Art Gallery

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541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney3007


Wollongong Art Gallery_20181007_2

Wollongong Art Gallery_20181007_3

Wollongong Art Gallery_20181007

Peacock Gallery Sydney

541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney1

Macquarie University









ArtAtrium _20191208-4


ArtAtrium _20191208_2

541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney7469

541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney3203

541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney5958


541 Art Space Chinatown Sydney7095

Da Long Yi Restaurant, Chinatown, Sydney

Artist Workshop At Wollongong Art Gallery

Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang's Chinese ink brush paintings are the fruits of his rigorous training in the field of traditional Chinese art in China which later in Australia inspired him to conducts numerous painting workshops in universities and art galleries. His upcoming Chinese ink brush painting workshop will be held on Sunday 7 October 2018, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Wollongong Art Gallery, 46 Burelli Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500. Learn the basics of traditional Chinese brush and ink painting on rice paper, using simple but expressive brush stroke on rice paper to creative a beautiful Chinese flower or bird. Appreciate Chinese philosophy and aesthetics regarding calligraphy and painting. This elegant technique is taught in a way that is easy to understand, yet meditative, enjoyable and relaxing.

Forward enquiry to Wollongong City Gallery and book ticket at Eventbrite.

Traditional Chinese Brush Painting.jpg

Fan Dongwang - Bird, 17 x 22 cm, Ink brush on rice paper.

Artist Talk with Dr Fan Dongwang At Wollongong Art Gallery

​​Wednesday 1 August 2018 at 11-12 noon

Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang will talk about his art training in Chinese Traditional painting and carving, his study of western art in Australian universities, and the development of his new work that nix both eastern and western philosophies, cultures and aesthetics.


Free event all welcome.

Forward enquiry to Wollongong Art Gallery.

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