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Fan Dongwang - Shifting Perspective 

Chinese born Australian artist Fan Dongwang is an established Shanghai painter who exhibited works in Shanghai Art Gallery regularly before moving to Australia in 1990. He is now based in Sydney. He completed his doctoral thesis, Shifting Perspectives and the Body, in Wollongong University and has exhibited at National Gallery of Australia and numerous university and regional art galleries throughout Australia. His artworks have won many art prizes and feature in various public and private collections in China and Australia.

In recent years Dr Fan Dongwang has combined his traditional Chinese carving technique with his new acrylic canvas paintings to create his unique visual language, Sculptural Painting. Known for his contemporary depiction of traditional Chinese cultural symbols such as dragons along with western cultural icons, Fan Dongwang has explored cultural differences, often from diverse visual perspectives in his large and colourful paintings.

出生于中国的澳大利亚艺术家范东旺是一位知名的上海画家,在 1990 年移居澳大利亚之前,他经常在上海美术馆展出作品。现在悉尼居住在。他在卧龙岗大学完成了博士论文《转变视角与身体》,并在澳大利亚国家美术馆以及澳大利亚各地的众多大学和地区艺术画廊展出。他的作品曾荣获多项艺术奖项,并被中国和澳大利亚的各种公共和私人收藏。



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