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Pandemic Body

Covid-19 has revealed the fragility of the human race; regardless of our technological and economic advancements, a microscopic and invisible virus has wreaked havoc, shattering our religious briefs and spirituality, forming a wakeup call for us to rethink the relationship with religion, technology and environment.

In our pandemic ravaged world, human race has been knocked of its pedestal: shocked, devastated dumfounded and humbled, our bodies bear little resemblance to the “normal and idealized” human body. Mixed with different races, colours, and genders, they are confused, depersonalized, cool and inorganic, and easy to reshape. This is an imaginative vision of the new bodily world as a huge map of the post pandemic psyche, an urgent wake up call to rethink our future existence. Chinese-Australian artist / painter Fan Dongwang's Pandemic Body exhibition focuses not only on my own adaption and survival, but also on the wider Australian arts community’s recovery and resilience as a response to the enormous economical and physiological damage the pandemic has caused.


Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang’s Pandemic Body project is proudly supported by 2020 COVID-19 Response Funding from Create NSW, Australia Council of the Arts and NAVA.

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