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Dog Installations

Here is a selection of installations exhibited by Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang.



Dog Installation

Dixon Street, Sydney 2018; Green Square 2019-2020 and Martin Place 2021

Chinese-Australian sculptor Fan Dongwang’s design of two 3.8m high fiberglass dog lantern sculptures was commissioned by the City of Sydney Council for the 2018 Chinese new year celebration in Sydney Chinatown. 2018 is the Chinese Zodiac year of the dog, whose qualities are loyalty, honesty, reliability, compassion, patience, intelligence and courage. This graceful and friendly large fiberglass sitting dog lantern mixes traditional Chinese three dimensional carving techniques with Western pop art colour palettes. The pattern and colour design of this pair of red and blue dogs reflect the fluidity of the opposite quality of Ying and Yang as well as the happy, celebratory atmosphere of the Sydney Chinese New Year festival, with its auspicious symbolism for prosperity, friendship and protection.

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