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Pandemic Body exhibition by Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang
Shanghai Star Exhibition by Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang

Here is a selection of exhibitions featuring Chinese-Australian artist / painter Fan Dongwang's artwork.



Pandemic Body Project Exhibitions

Fan Dongwang, 2020-2021


In our pandemic ravaged world, human race has been knocked of its pedestal: shocked, devastated dumfounded and humbled, our bodies bear little resemblance to the “normal and idealise” human body. Mixed with different races, colours, and genders, they are confused, depersonalized, cool and inorganic, and easy to reshape. This is an imaginative vision of the new bodily world as a huge map of the post pandemic psyche, an urgent wake up call to rethink our future existence. Australian Chinese artist Fan Dongwang's Pandemic Body project exhibitions focus not only on my own adaption and survival, but also on the wider Australian arts community’s recovery and resilience as a response to the enormous economical and physiological damage the pandemic has caused.

Shanghai Star National Touring Exhibition

Fan Dongwang, Yu Youhan and Li Shan. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 


Leading artists of the Chinese art movement ‘Mao Goes Pop’ exhibited new work in Sydeny, as part of an Australian based art project, Shanghai Star. New paintings by mainland Chinese artists Yu Youhan and Li Shan, and the Chinese-Australian artist, Fan Dongwang, were created during a residency at the Casula Powerhouse in Sydney. Shanghai Star features new work, photographs and previous work by these artists, to enable Australian audiences to acquire a greater insight of the ‘Mao Goes Pop’ art movement.


This national touring exhibition went on to 10 regional art galleries in Australia from 2001-2004.

Carriageworks Exhibition by Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang

Fan Dongwang - Dragon, Descendants large painting installation

In the 2010 and 2011 CarriageArtworks – Contemporary Art from the City Fringe Exhibitions, Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang had large painting installations titled Dragon and Descendant at Carriageworks.

Shifting Perspectives by Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang
Fan Dongwang - Shifting Perspectives: Paintings 1995 – 2015

​A twenty-year survey of Chinese born artist Fan Dongwang

Newcastle University Gallery

This survey exhibition explores the shifting borders of Asian and Australian cultures through a series of dynamic, large format paintings that use colour and motif to shift cultural perceptions in art. The works exhibit a refined attention to detail while exploring the global experience of shifting boundaries in this Asian century.

Icons of Identity by Chinese-Australian artist Fan Dongwang
Fan Dongwang - Icons of Identity

Solo Exhibition at 541 Art Space, Sydney

ICONS OF IDENTITY is a serial of canvas paintings portraying a confronting world view formed by wide ranging cultural icons from east and west, in the realms of history, arts, religion and politics. Australian iconic Gum tree and Chinese national symbol of dragon simultaneously vie for space.  These are not only beautiful but also powerful symbols of Australia's diverse cultures and nationhood. The amalgamation of evocative images in ICONS OF IDENTITY may seem contradictory to Australians of different backgrounds, yet the layers of meaning and multiple interpretations endeavour to reflect Australia's emerging and diversified cultural identity. 

Fan Dongwang - Cross Worlds

Solo Exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts Galleries


In Cross Worlds, Chinese born artist Fan Dongwang explores cultural identity and the evolution of globalisation through the juxtaposition of traditional Chinese imagery against western cultural icons and symbols of technology. He describes his painting technique as ‘painting as relief sculpture’, carving out paint from the painting’s surface in a way similar to Chinese ivory carving. These large scale paintings reflect Dongwang’s shifting cultural perspective that has come about in his travels between China and Australia. 

Fan Dongwang - Syncretic Visions

Solo Exhibition at Australian Catholic University McGlade Gallery

Syncretic Visions is an exhibition of large canvas paintings that combines different religions, politics, arts and philosophy to present a shifting perspective and syncretic visual interpretation of contradictory beliefs and the diversity of cultural identities.

Vantage Point - the Art of Fan Dongwang

Solo exhibition, Macquarie University Art Gallery 


This exhibition explores the shifting nature of Australian contemporary culture from the perspective of an artist trained in the visual traditions of Chinese painting and low relief sculpture. "Influenced by Renaissance art, children's toys and popular media as well as traditional Chinese painting, Dongwang's work uses an array of carefully articulated colour to present his perspective on contemporary culture," explains exhibition curator Rod Pattenden.

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