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These are some short videos by Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang.

Dragon Land

Fan Dongwang

This video is based on Fan Dongwang's collection of photographic collages depicting the land of dragon - China's past and present. The work illustrates the huge change and dilemma China now faces: A rapid modernization into an international commercial city had obliterated the old city, the very structure of the country had been dismantled and a new world emerges. Dragon Land represents a snapshot of this new Chinese world.

The Player

Fan Dongwang

This video is about Fan Dongwang's The Prayer installation pf over 1000 DVD-ROMs (each contains DVD videos of Buddhist scriptures, prayers or teachings), strung together like Buddhist prayer beads, hanging high from trees to form a giant Buddha, shining brilliantly under the sun, chanting in the breeze, praying for world peace. 

Dragon in Water

Fan Dongwang

This short video showcases the transformation of Chinese Australian artist Fan Dongwang's acrylic on canvas painting Dragon in Water: the process of a painting emerged from a blank canvas.

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